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  • Introducing Sentient Bot AI

    A virtual assistant service, Sentient Bot is now live on the Open Constitution AI network. Sentient Bot is an AI anonymous communication system on Open Constitution’s decentralized citizen network. It serves as an electronic person, legally organized by the Muellners Foundation, acting as a registered agent of the network. This artificial intelligence service utilizes data…

  • Universal Login for the Open Constitution network apps and services

    Access any application on the Open Constitution Network using smart log-in authentication and authorisation features. A user can access Open Constitution network AI using deployed apps, which deliver a specific public good service. Universal Login defines a login flow, which is the key feature of an Authorization Server. Whenever a member needs to prove their identity, any…

  • for a self governed AI network

    In an open world, democratisation of ‘creations of mind’ is leading to a sustainable world. On its newsroom, the Muellners Foundation announced recently that the Open Bank Portal is out of beta and released for public use. is a digital public service and brings open finance using ”self governed”, technology based ‘Association’ access to Planet Earth’s resources.…

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  • Startup Tenancy on the AI network

    This article describes the Startup Tenancy on the Open Constitution network. Startups and entrepreneurship are promoted on the network. Citizens who have activated their E Residency can use network resources to build, deploy and scale their start-up product ideas or new projects. What type of benefits can the startups or projects avail by registering for…

  • Manage E Lease

    Welcome to the Open Bank.Org Portal. This is where the Open Constitution network members Self-organise themselves and the network’s Open Source Treasury, using principles of the Articles of Association of the Open Constitution! Read More about the Open Bank Portal at the project’s Knowledge Base.

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