Public Agency Keys

0,99  / month and a 9,99  sign-up fee

Provides Trust Keys to access Open Constitution AI network intelligence and affiliated beneficiary register for Agency specific tasks like case orders, audit declarations, litigation warrants, citizen social report.


Access keys to the Open Constitution AI network for a public authority instituted by a Public act or a Statute.
Public authority means any authority, legal body, or institution of self-government established or constituted on behalf of two or more natural persons.
Public Agency access is provided to any department, commission, authority, administration, board, agency or other independent organisation established by law for a particular purpose on behalf of the general public.

The staff of public agency staff can then access the network using the Trust keys, in accordance with the Open Access charter and transparency guidelines established in the Articles of Association of the Open Constitution AI network.

Eligible Type of Government Organizations:

International Agencies

National Agencies

Civil Bodies

Public Healthcare bodies

Public Agency access is used to service any public warrant or case processing for any E Resident, by accessing intelligence from the Trust’s beneficiary registry.

The list of case processing warrants is not exhaustive but examples include travel and immigration authorizations, criminal records, financial status checks and access to the network’s Apostille Registrar.